5 Best Outdoor Patio Lights – Wall Light, Spotlight and String Type

In this post, we will list some outdoor patio lights that will be able to withstand the weather changes and keep lighting your outdoor lounging space for a long time.outdoor patio lighting ideas

Our focus here will be entirely on the durability of the product because you can always buy fancy lights for your patios, but we know well that what matters the most is whether it is going to survive the climate changes or not.

Here we will be suggesting you 5 products which include all the major types of outdoor lights like wall lights, spotlights, and most importantly, string type outdoor patio lights. These are companies that you can trust because they have proven to produce the best quality materials.

1 – Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Lights

These are weather proof commercial grade hanging socket type lights that will light up the outdoor patio area using fifteen (in 48ft type) 11watt S14 incandescent bulbs.

You can choose from two sizes i.e. 24 ft and 48 ft depending upon your requirement.hanging outdoor patio lights

These are the only ones in this list that falls into the string type outdoor patio lights because you don’t really need to look into the other options since users trust this particular brand the most and we really were not able to find anything else that can match this product in this category.

It has a parallel circuit and is dimmer compatible, this kind of light is really what your patio needs for a beautiful evening because any other color cannot bring that classy look like the incandescent bulbs do.

The material ensures all-weather protection and you get a 3-year warranty on the light strand.

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2 – Solarblaze Bright SOLAR LED lights

These are our favorites, the installation is hassle-free because you do not need any tools and it is wireless. You can just fix these peel and stick type lights on any dry surface, that’s all you need to do.

It gets charged in the day time using solar energy, so it is eco-friendly too and what you are going to like the most about it is the motion sensing.

Motion sensing is a cool feature in these lights where it senses the movement and brightens up automatically as if it knows when you are around. If you are someone who likes garden lights, then you can really make some smart use of it.

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3 -Hyperikon LED 25W Wall Pack Light

This is a heavy duty, top notch quality LED wall pack light which is best for your outdoor space if you want to hang out for long there during night times.

You can also choose the higher watt ones according to your requirement but this is probably one of the best quality wall light you can ever buy for outdoor purposes.

It is waterproof and built for all type of weathers, it saves electricity since it is LED type and what is really nice about Hyperikon is that it promises about 45000 hour lifetime for this product.

You also get a 5-Year warranty, so there is really nothing to worry about the durability of this product.

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4 – InnoGear Upgraded 2-in-1 Outdoor Solar Lights

Another user favorite outdoor light is Innogear upgraded solar lights that can be used for both walls or ground. It is a spotlight with solar panels and it comes with two brightness level options.

They provide screws and instructions for mounting this light on the wall whereas there is a plastic spike using which you can also fix it to the ground.

The spotlight is very good for outdoor purpose because it is waterproof and built for all weather use. It has auto switch on/off feature which means it will turn on at night and off when it detects sunlight, this also means that you cannot use it in a place where some sort of light is already present (you can cover the solar panel box where light detectors are situated in order to make it work in such cases).

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5 – AMIR Upgraded 2 in 1 Outdoor Solar Lights

This is a very similar product to the last one, with the same kind of customer response but varies in price.

Like the earlier product, these spotlights also work on solar power and automatically turns on/off. You can mount it on the wall or use the spike to fix it to the ground.

It is waterproof and can withstand all types of weather. This particular one is white light but you can also select the color option if you want.

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These were few patio light suggestions that we believe will be useful to you. We hope you found this post helpful.

We would love to hear from you, so please do let us know your views by commenting in the box below.

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