6 Awesome Hard Top Gazebos for Your Outdoor Lounging Area

When it comes to hard top gazebos, there are not many options in the online world so we are making a list of some good quality items here which is something you might want to consider if you are planning to buy one.

We have included gazebos of various sizes and ranked them in ascending order based on their price, so whether you are looking for a cheap hard top gazebo or an expensive one, this list will be equally useful for you in order to make a well thought buying decision.

1 – Sunjoy Bellevue Hardtop Grill Gazebo, Black (8.1′ x 5.2′)

This one is the cheapest option in this category that can be trusted; if you are someone who just loves to grill in your outdoor patio area then this might be something you will like to have.

It is made of a steel frame with powder coated finish for durability; there are two small thin plates on both sides that can be used as shelves.

We could have criticized the quality or warn you about the durability but anyone can turn it into a nice barbeque gazebo so it would be really unfair to talk much negatively about the product. Yet assembling can be a little difficult and you may need some assistance for that.

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2 – Sunjoy 2 Tier Hardtop Gazebo (12′ x 10′)

A gazebo like this with a hard top canopy with mat block poles and frame is all you need if you want to enjoy with your family and friends in your garden or patio without worrying much about a bad weather. This one is also from Sunjoy but it is specially designed for lounging purpose and it costs less than other ones considering the quality of the whole material.

You will love this one and your guests will be impressed too, if you want to protect your furniture or need some protection from the sun or rain while enjoying some fresh air then you will be satisfied with you purchase for sure.

The gazebo is constructed using steel and aluminum with polycarbonate small top which ensures durability, the material is rust free and you won’t really have to worry about its longevity.

So in its price range, this product is a much-recommended one. There is only one problem that you might have to face with this product which is “assembling”. You will need some assistance to get it done fast and if you are not familiar with the assembling works like this then taking a professional help would be a good idea.

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3 – Sojag Messina Hard Top Sun Shelter (10′ by 12′)

If you are ready to pay a little more than the last product then this is the next hard top gazebo we believe is something worthy of your attention.

It looks very elegant due to its charcoal aluminum frame which gives it a wooden appearance that will add a lot of beauty to your patio, you also get nylon mosquito net with this purchase.

The aluminum frame is rust free so you do not have to worry about any kind of weather changes whereas the roof made of galvanized steel also ensures the durability.

This gazebo is definitely a perfect item for anyone who is very serious about their patio area, if your place is often visited by a lot of guests then an outdoor lounging area with this shelter is something they won’t easily forget.

Everything seems to be fine with this product also apart from the same old assembling issue, this one can really take your peace of mind away if you don’t know proper work. There are even chances that some additional accessories may be required, so be ready to hire some professional workman if you are planning to buy this.

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4 – Gazebo with Aluminum Roof by Yardistry

If you go a little higher on the price range, you can think of buying this beautiful 12’ X 12’ gazebo with a brown color aluminum roof by Yardistry.

The rest of the material is Cedar wood which of course gives it the look of a typical antique gazebo which can really add a lot of colors to your garden.

Though this one is not much popular, yet it definitely is a good choice because you can expect it to last long. Assembling is not an easy task, you may need to work on it for a while to get it done and definitely it is not a single person’s job but the customer support will assist you with everything.

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5 – Gazebo Penguin Season Solarium

If you live in a very cold area or you want to hang outside in the winter then gazebo alone cannot help you and a Solarium is needed instead.

Though this one costs about double the last one, it ensures that you get total exposure to the sun inside the gazebo without being affected by the UV rays.

This 12’X 12’ gazebo is constructed using powder coated aluminum and a rooftop made of UV treated polycarbonate, the coolest thing about it is the sliding door which you can place on any side while assembling.

You can expect this gazebo to be a great place to hang out in your outdoor patio area for years because at this price the quality of material ensures great durability, lights can easily be fitted inside this solarium and they also provide hooks for that.

This type of gazebo can only be assembled by professionals so please do not try to do it on your own unless you don’t mind taking the headache. Even though it is a costly item, you need to take great care of it while using it in heavy snowfalls or rains.

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6 – ELLINGTON Hard Top Sun Shelter Gazebo ( 12’X16’)

The most expensive and final one on our list is Ellington charcoal color gazebo by sojag that is almost double the price of the solarium we saw earlier. What makes it so expensive? Well, first it is of top notch quality and the second reason is – It’s huge, the size is 12’X16’ which can easily accommodate a lot of people with proper arrangement of furniture.

So if the price does not matter much to you considering your requirement to seat a lot of people in a very stylish and awesome gazebo then this one definitely deserves a place in your garden.

The material is made of rust free aluminum with a polycarbonate roof and inside it, you will find beams for installing lights, fans or heaters. It also comes with mosquito netting.

You can expect this gazebo to last for a long time without any problems. Despite the great durability of the material, all the parts are light. Unlike most items on this list, this one should not be much troublesome for you to assemble and 2-3 people can easily get it done within few hours.

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So, this was our list of some great gazebos that you can consider buying for you patio according to your budget and requirement. We hope you found it useful.

A small tip – Do remember to always remove the snow from the rooftop of hard top gazebos to ensure their durability, using a good winter cover can also help you to protect them from rain and snow.


We hope you found this list useful, do let us know if you have any opinion or suggestion regarding this by commenting below, we would be more than happy to hear from you.

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