6 Best Outdoor Patio Rugs – Large and Small Mats

In this post, we will be sharing with you a list of 6 best quality outdoor patio rugs/mats which you can trust more than any other product in the market.

We will be listing both large as well as small outdoor patio rugs here so that you can choose accordingly, but we have not included very small mats (like door mats), this list is specially made for those people who want to have rugs in the outdoor lounging area so that it enhances the look of it while covering the floor.

1 – 9 Feet by 18 Feet Reversible Mat

A very large outdoor purpose reversible rug which comes with a carry bag so that you can carry it around for outing at times when your patio does not need it.

It is 100% virgin polypropylene material, so it will have a long life and can be used in the grass without worrying much. Due to the UV protection property of polypropylene, the rug does not get damaged in the sun.

The mat looks like a plastic one but it is very soft so your guests will enjoy it and you really do not have to worry much about the climate changes or rains, the look of this rug is very good however there is only one color option available right now i.e beige.

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2 – 6 Feet x 9 Feet Hand woven by Skilled Artisans

This may not be the best looking rug in the list but if you like to use eco-friendly products then you will love this 100% hand woven jute mat.

It is a thick one and you can use the both side of it but you may need a rug pad for this particular product.

Though you may think that a rug like this will not be much comfortable to walk on, that’s not true, yes it is not very smooth or soft, however, it is not very rough either.

Unlike most mats, this one will perfectly adjust to a flat surface and since these mats are not much slippery, it is also very safe to use.

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3 –  9 Feet x 18 Feet Swirl Pattern Mat

This rug is a very good looking one and it comes with so many color options, the swirl pattern looks cool for the outdoor patio. (Sorry we do not have the image)

It is made from polypropylene material, so it is very durable and can withstand all type of weather changes.

You also get a carry bag with this one, and yes it is also reversible whereas cleaning this rug is an easy task.

Although this mat is very popular, you cannot really expect them to have a very long life.

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4 – 6 Feet by 9 Feet Oriental Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat

This is made from recycled polypropylene and with polyester/nylon ribbon by Mad Mats which are well known for delivering high-quality rugs.

The design is elegant and it is a durable product which comes in various colors. You also get a one-year color guarantee on this one.

It is expensive compared to many other products on this list but this particular rug can be used for outdoor purposes extensively without having to worry much.

Despite being made of a plastic-like material, the mat pretty much seems like a fabric and you won’t have much trouble in cleaning it because dust will not get stuck to it that quickly, overall it is perfect for outdoor patio use.

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5 – 9 Feet by 12 Feet Reversible Mat

Remember the mat we saw in point number 1? This is the same one but with different dimensions. The reason why put it on the list twice was that they are selling them as two different products and this one has got better customer response.

It is polypropylene material, easy to clean and can withstand weather changes. You also get a carry bag with this product.

The rug is perfect for your outdoor patio still we cannot rely much on the longevity of this material.

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6 – (8 x 10) Feet Cancun Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Turquoise, and Moss Green

The final product on our list is also the best looking rug in this whole list which you can get for your outdoor patio without having to compromise on the quality.outdoor patio rugs 8x10

This rug is hand woven from recycled plastic, it is a top quality rug with a smooth touch and you will find it very easy to clean.

Though it works on any flat or uneven surface, using a non-skid pad is recommended by the manufacturers.

You get a jute carry bag with this item, it is reversible and you also get a one year warranty on this particular rug.

This one is perfect for your patio from both quality as well as appearance point of view, you can say that we saved our top pick for the last.

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