7 Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture Sets for Your Patio

If you are looking for some high-quality outdoor wicker furniture sets for your patio then our this list of items will help you to make a right decision.

We have picked items from different categories in this list because we did not want to confuse you with too many options, these are some products that are really worthy of the price at which it is being sold and you will get a clear idea of what to expect from it from our short reviews on each of them below.

1 – Toja’s Outdoor Garden Patio All-Weather Furniture

This first item on our list is a PE rattan wicker 5pc sectional set that is a bit expensive but also something you can highly rely on because of its top notch quality.

The whole set comes in 5 sizes and three color options, and the cushions are made of the Sunbrella fabric. Powdered coated aluminum frame is rust proof and the PE rattan used for the wicker is UV protected which makes this furniture perfect for outdoor use.

If you are looking for a stylish luxurious and comfortable sectional set for your outdoor lounging area to seat about 7 people then this would be a good choice for you. We have reviewed some mid-ranged sofas and sectional already, so we can say with confidence that at this price range this is probably the best item available right now.

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2 – Tangkula 4 PCS Brown Folding Rattan Chair Furniture

If a low budget easily movable set of wicker outdoor chairs is your requirement then Tangkula’s folding rattan chair furniture is a good option.

Although the steel frame and rattan can withstand all types of weather changes you can also fold them and keep it safe when not in use to ensure its long life, this can also be used for camping purposes.

The chairs are very strong and comfortable; it is really difficult to find furniture like this at this cost so we thought that this one definitely deserves a place on this list.

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3 – U-MAX 7 Pc PE Rattan Wicker Sofa Sectional Furniture Set

U-Max sofa sectionals of this type come in various sizes and two colors, we will be talking about the 7 piece one here. (The big umbrella you see in the picture is not included with the set)

This wicker sectional furniture set is very good for outdoor lounging purpose; it looks nice and provides good comfort due to its cotton filled zippered cushions with removable polyester fabric.

You can expect the material to last long since it is made of rust resistant steel frame and weather resistant PE rattan wicker.

The main reason why we have included this item in this list is due to its very low price, a sectional sofa for outdoor like this usually costs a lot. So this would be a great choice for someone who is looking for something under budget and a little compromise with the quality is not an issue.

As said earlier there will be some caveats to a product priced too low for its category and what you must know about this one is that the sofa is actually smaller than what it looks like in the image and also you may have some trouble in assembling it.

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4 – Lakeport Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

This is something that might catch your attention immediately, who does not want beautiful chaise lounge furniture in their patio right? That’s why we have included this item. Apart from its stylish design, this item can also withstand weather changes which make it perfect for outdoor use.

The material used to make this furniture is polyethylene which is plastic of course. One of the best things about this adjustable chaise is that it does not require any assembling from your side like most sets and it is also stackable.

One feature that you will love about this item is that the reclining can be set to different positions including a completely flat one.

What you will have to be careful about while using this furniture is to protect the material as much as possible because it may not last long without much care even though it is made for outdoor use the metal parts of this particular item is susceptible to rusting.

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5 – Wicker Sofa Set Sectional

Just like the product we saw in the point number 3, this is also a low budget alternative for an expensive large sectional set but this item has its own specialty.

The furniture is made of aluminum frame and wicker that can withstand all types of weather changes, cushion covers are removable and the set also comes with 2 red pillows.

There are six sofa chairs that make this sectional set which you can also use individually or arrange as it suits you. The small table that you can see in the picture has a tempered glass top and it can withstand up to 150 lbs.

One best thing about buying a sectional set like this is that you really don’t have to worry much about how much weight you are putting on it since they are very strong compared to other furniture items usually.

Again we will like to point out that a low priced product like this can be a little problematic if you expect a lot, for this particular one you may have to take a bit trouble with the assembling process (or take professional help to save the hassle) and the cushions are not very durable so try to protect them as much as possible.

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6 – Goplus 4 PC Rattan Patio Sofa Set(Mix Gray)

A very popular low-cost 4pc sofa set which is perfect for a small patio, you will love the Mix gray look of the wicker.

This set consists of two single sofa chairs, one double sofa and a table with tempered glass top. The material is made of powder coated steel and PE rattan wicker which ensures durability in outdoor use.

The cushions are made of sponge so it is quite comfortable with zippered removable polyester covers.

Obviously, there is one simple rule; you get what you pay for. If you will expect a lot from this set then you will not be satisfied. Although it is difficult to find a set like this for this price, it has many disadvantages due to the cheap quality materials used in it.

You will have to take extensive care of the set if you want it to last for a long time and the assembling can also be a bit of pain.

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7 – Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Sectional Sofa Set

It would be unfair if we are making a list of patio furniture sets and did not include Ohana’s sectionals in it.

This one comes in more than 15 colors and the price is low compared to their usual rates but still, you can expect it to last very long, no one will be able to guess the true price because it looks luxurious and very elegant.

There are 2 corner sofas, 4 middle sofas, and a coffee table; you can arrange them in many ways to get a design of your choice.

The material consists of aluminum frames and hand woven PE resin wicker. Cushions are also very comfortable and the covers are removable. The best thing about this sectional set is that assembling is not required, that really saves a lot of time, hassle, and effort.

Ohana is known for good quality patio sectional sets but this one is one of their lowest priced products, yet you can expect it to last long with good care. What you will have to keep in mind before buying this is that the cushions can get wet in rain and the furniture can start showing age quickly, if not looked after properly.

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So this was a list of some awesome outdoor patio wicker furniture sets, we really hope you liked the list.

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