8 Cheap Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets – Low Budget Alternatives

In this post, we will be sharing a few cheap outdoor patio furniture sets that you can buy online because we know that outdoor lounging is something that is possible even with low budget materials and there are really some very good products you can buy even if your budget is low.

Although the items we are going to list here is under 200$, but that does not mean that you are compromising a lot on the quality because some of these are very durable items.

In truth, outdoor furniture are very similar to your indoor ones and the only difference is that it has to withstand the weather changes, so with a low priced product, you need to take care of it a little more than the expensive ones.

Alright, here’s our list:-

1 – Keter Rio Conversation Chair Table Set Furniture

This is a set of two small chairs and a table made of the polypropylene resin which is suitable for all types of weather. It really looks nice and is very light weight so you can move it around easily.

The legs of the chairs and table of this brown colored set are made of metal. You will not have much trouble while installing it because there is nothing too complicated here as in big heavy furniture. (You also get an instruction manual)

Alright, this is a great deal but as it is mentioned the legs are made of metal so there is a probability of rusting, also do consider that the chairs are very short so it won’t be much suitable for tall people.

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2 – Cloud Mountain 4PC Wicker Patio Set

In this set, you get two wicker rattan chairs, a glass top table and a sectional seat which makes it perfect for your patio area.

One thing about this item is that it looks like an expensive one and your guests might think that you have spent a lot on it.
Features wise you have some very good advantage like it has detachable cushions with zipper for easy cleaning.

This set is built from rust resistant strong aluminum frame so you can definitely expect it to last long.

You really cannot get a better deal for a whole set in this price range because the design is also well matching to the standards of expensive sets.

With a lot of pieces, you may have a little trouble with installation but you won’t be disappointed with the result.

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3 – Mainstays Sand Dune 3-Piece Outdoor High Bistro Set

A simple looking low priced bistro set with 2 chairs and one glass table top. The chairs are higher than the regular ones, though they mention that it is of bar height but it is actually lower than that. The furniture is constructed of steel with slings made of polyester.

They have used 0.2-inch thick tempered glass to ensure that it does not break easily in day to day use.

Installation should not be a big problem and with proper care, you can expect this set to be a part of your patio for a long time.

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4 – Clayton Court 3-Piece Motion Outdoor Bistro Set

There is no match to the appearance of this particular bistro set in this price range, the red color with a simple yet elegant design is all you need to make your outdoor patio attractive.

The material is entirely made up of steel and it can withstand all type of weather changes, the cushion is also comfortable as it is made of polyurethane and polyester with a cover made of jacquard woven fabric.

What you may like the most about this set is that the chairs have a slight rocking motion, yet it won’t trouble you much in the assembling process.

This particular product has got comfort, look, and durability, so it is probably the best bistro set on this list despite not being the most popular one.

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5 – Modern Outdoor Patio 4 Piece Wicker Sofa Furniture Set

Here’s another easily affordable 4 Piece set which you might want to consider, this is a very nice looking item with two chairs, a sectional seating, and a glass top table.

The furniture is made of steel frame with very nice looking rattan wicker, the cushion is made of foam but you do not have to worry about them getting wet because the covers are water resistant which is also removable.

No doubt that this wicker sofa set looks great and you may be tempted to buy it, but we would like to tell you that the chairs are very small and many people may not find it much comfortable to use, the installation process can also be somewhat difficult.

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6 – Merax 4-piece Outdoor PE Rattan Wicker Sofa

A very similar 4 piece rattan wicker sofa that looks and costs almost same as what we saw in the above point is this garden patio furniture set which you might want to consider as well.

It looks good, has a tempered glass table top, removable waterproof cushions and the whole set comes in two color options. You can also expect it to withstand all type of weather since it is made of rust free steel frame and the PC rattan wicker also ensures the longevity of this item.

Just like what we saw in the last point, this wicker sofa set is undoubtedly very stylish, but at this price you cannot expect a furniture to fulfil all your needs, so the size is smaller and may prove out to be very comfortable to some people, also you can get a little annoyed in the process of assembling it.

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7 – Oakland Living 3-Piece Rose Bistro Set

We already included this item in our cast aluminum outdoor patio furniture post because it is a simple rose bistro set that has an antique appearance and you can really rely on the durability of this product.

This is a popular set that is constructed from cast aluminum and cast iron, you can easily assemble it and this set will look great at your outdoor lounging place.

However, be careful while using it because it cannot handle too much weight.

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8 – Outdoor Folding Patio Dining Set (6pc)

Our final pick is a unique product, we decided to put it on this list because we have the feeling that some of our readers will be looking for an under budget folding patio dining set with… guess what? An Umbrella!

Yes, it is not one of the strongest furniture but we all want something like this in our garden right? And since it is very low in cost we thought it deserves a place on this list.

You get 4 folding chairs, a glass top table and an umbrella in this dining set. It is made of powdered coated steel and the chairs have sling fabric.

The makers say that the chair can seat people weighing up to 250 lbs which is more than a lot of items in this list.

Overall, this one can prove out to be a good deal for people because you cannot really expect to get this much for such a low price.

If your expectations are not very high, this product can really surprise you.

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