Ideas 4 Landscaping Review – Is It Really Worth Your Time and Money?

In this Ideas 4 Landscaping program review, we will be giving you a detailed information on a program that offers a lot of landscaping ideas pictures along with some videos, and e-books for creating a beautiful outdoor space.

While looking for some good design pictures for landscaping ideas in order provide you with some nice samples for your outdoor patio, we stumbled upon a website named ideas4landscaping which was selling more than 7000+ landscape ideas.

So we decided to try it out and provide you with a user opinion of the product to help you decide whether this is something that can be useful to you.

Actually, it took a bit of time for us to understand what exactly this product is all about because once you get in the membership area, there is a lot of stuff to explore there. Though we were looking for some good patio ideas, we were not able to stop looking into the other things because a beautiful garden, decorations, and designing is all a part of creating nice outdoor lounging space right?

So we are going to discuss all the aspects of this program by looking at everything you will be getting in this package specifically.

The Package

When you make the payment, you get access to the membership area from where you can view their various collections as well as ebooks. Let’s take a look at each of these items one by one now:-

Gallery and Videos

In the gallery area, you can view many pictures from which you can get some good ideas, there are more than 60+ categories to choose from. Some categories contain a lot of photos whereas there are only a few ones in the others.

For example, there are around 300+ photos in the patio walkways category alone ( we are yet to explore them all).

If you are serious about landscaping then you must take a look at these pictures, it will make you think very creatively. They have covered almost everything viz. gardens, patios, pathways, waterfalls, lightning, etc. You can actually combine all these to create something beautiful of your own.

The video collections, however, is limited, we actually didn’t find it much special, but it can be useful for some people because there are clips like “build your own gazebo” and “build your own shed” etc.

Bonus Books

You get three bonus e-books to download:-

1 – Landscape Secrets Revealed

A 55-page ebook that has many short chapters on various landscaping related things. We cannot say that you will find a lot of useful things in it because covering about 23 topics in a few pages will only limit the information up to introduction only.

There are some tips and techniques that may help someone with the landscaping purpose but those are only quick suggestions and short explanations.

2 – Save On Energy Costs Green Home Guide

Though it is a book that contains about 60 pages, it is all about general ways using which you can make your home cost effective. The information was neither engaging nor relevant to our quest so we were not interested in it except for the 10th chapter that was about saving energy cost for landscaping, but there was not any concrete advice on it either, just general suggestions.

3 – How to Grow Organic Vegetables

It does not make much sense to include a book like this in a landscaping related product but what else can you actually expect from bonus materials?

Even if you are someone interested in organic gardening, there is not much information you can find in this guide because it is a short guide containing 16 pages that will only give you some basic knowledge about it.

Overall, we will say that you cannot really expect much from these bonus materials.

VIP Deluxe Products

We further went to join the VIP deluxe subscription to see whether we can find something useful there and here’s what we found:-

There are 5 e-books available for download under this package and the access to Q&A forum, you may feel tempted to buy the deluxe membership but kindly read our short opinions below on each of the books that are available under this membership because that will give you a better idea of what you can expect.

Please don’t think that you will be able to get much practical knowledge about gardening in it.Yes, the access to the Q&A forum, however, may help you a lot in the times when you are looking for some solutions.

1 – Gardening Secrets For A Lush Garden

This is a 70-page ebook available under the deluxe membership, you will not be much satisfied with a book like this because it only consists of some common suggestions that you can find anywhere.

If you are looking for some pictures or step by step methods for gardening then kindly don’t expect much from this book.

2 – Insider’s Secret To Having The Perfect Home Garden

Another 49-page book that will not give you much practical knowledge on how to create a perfect home garden. This book is entirely filled with general contents about indoor gardening with no pictures or action steps.

3 – Decorate Your House Like A Pro

This e-book contains 53 pages that are filled with contents about how to decorate your home. We are not much concerned about indoor decorations so we did not spend the time to learn something from it but it also seemed like most of the e-books we have found in this program.

4 – The Greenhouse Guide

Though you will only find a little information about the construction of a greenhouse in the last few pages of this 86 page e-book, if you don’t know much about greenhouses then this book will be useful to you because it has got some good content about what it is and how it works.

5 – Gardening Made Easy

We were not much satisfied with this 100+ page e-book either because gardening can only be taught with proper pictures and action steps, but all we found in this book also was some general content that can be found on any gardening blog.

Final Advice

As you can see we were not much happy with any of the ebooks we got from this program so do we actually recommend this product? Yes, we do.

But why? – Because we were not looking for a course on landscaping or gardening when we found this product but we were searching for some good designs that will help our readers to create a beautiful outdoor lounging area. So the main thing which we actually needed was there in abundance, so if you too are someone looking for some great sample photographs of various ideas on how to make your outdoor space beautiful then this product can be definitely useful to you, but not if you want to learn landscape designing.

For more information, kindly check out the product website.


We really hope this review was helpful to you, do let us know your opinions on this product and this post by commenting below, we would love to hear from you.

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